Gallery: 3 is a magic number – featured artist Jimmer Willmott

Brilliant work from Pop Surrealist Jimmer Willmott – worth reading

Auntie G

I love Jimmer’s crazy work.  He is one of the four organisers (along with Jemma,Guts and Diff) of the 3 is a Magic Number exhibition at the Ropewalk pub in Bristol (on till 14 April).

In a recent Bristol radio interview Jemma commented that Jimmer’s work was ‘like the inside of his head put on a canvas.  It’s weird, it’s crazy, it’s funny – it just makes you smile’.

Let me introduce you to the pop surrealist Jimmer Willmott.

Jimmer’s studied Drawing and Applied Arts at the University of the West of England’, but he says that it is only now that he is finding his style.  He says the last few years have been a massive journey for him. ‘I’ve been involved in loads of art shows met some amazing like minded people, bought a narrow boat as a home and art studio.
It’s been fun.’

He continues

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